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Nature-NZ Company Limited it is the General Agent in New Zealand of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, China. The Concentrated Chinese Herbal Granules that are produced in accordance with the Good Manufacture Practice (GMP). Tianjiang takes strict control of the entire process of the raw materials selection, processing, production and packaging, which can provide reliable guarantee for the stable quality, efficiency and safety. The Concentrated Chinese Herbal Granules has become a Chinese medicine modernized tendency.

---浓缩中药配方颗粒使用方法: Application method of the Concentrated Chinese Herbal Granules:

1. 每味药工艺不同,冲服时,如有部分药物未能完全溶解,也应一并服用,以免影响药效;
2. 服药期间,需遵从医嘱饮食;
3. 孕妇请严格遵从医嘱服药;
4. 储存方法:避光及阴凉干燥处保存。

Matters needing attention:

1. The processing technic of each herbal granule is different. If the granules do not fully dissolve,
    please drink the remaining grains to guarantee the best efficiency of the medicine;
2. Please follow the practitioner’s diet advice when taking the medicine;
3. Pregnant woman, please consult your practitioner;
4. Storage: Keep in a dark, cool and dry place.

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