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Sales Discount
中药颗粒 (Chinese Herb Powder)
售价(Sales Price) 折扣(Discount)
超过 $200(Sales Price>$200) 10%
超过 $500(Sales Price>$500) 15%
超过 $1000(Sales Price>$1000) 20%

Delivery Discount
中药颗粒和针灸器械(Chinese Herb Powder & Acupuncture)
超过 $300
(Sales Price>$300)
Free delivery within Auckland in 2 working days
超过 $400
(Sales Price>$400)
Free delivery out of Auckland in 3 working days
注1:For new customers: We would appreciate if you deposited your money into our ASB bank account with your order number as the reference Number.
Bank Account Details: Nature-NZ Company Limited, ASB 12-3056-0109789-50

对于首次定货的客户,请直接将货款存入我们的ASB 银行账户号码
ASB 12-3056-0109789-50,并注明你的订货 号码,便于我们及时查询。